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Just the bare-bones player, none of the extra crap you might not need.

February 12th 2008: AudioNUT v1.9.30 Lite Released

Quite a few memory optimisations in this release with a couple of bugs fixed as well.

Changelog (since v1.9.20)
- Optimised shuffle function
- Optimised various library functions
- Fixed WAV files displayed as 'Unknown' codec
- Removed some unnecessary code
- Updated BASS libraries to latest versions
- Fixed crashes on machines with DEP enabled
- [Lite Version] Fixed ultra-slow shuffling speed on Windows Vista
- [Lite Version] Fixed move up/down buttons

Features Removed From Full Version:
- Media Library and Smart Playlists
- Encoder
- AudioScrobbler Support
- GUI Tweaking Support

Installation Instructions: Unpack to a folder and run.

Archives require 7-zip or a recent version of WinRAR (and most other archivers)

Binaries (7z): AudioNUT v1.9.30 Lite - 1.11MB
Source (7z): AudioNUT v1.9.30 Lite Source Code - 632KB